~ JunimoPal's Art Commissions ~

Current Status: ✅OPEN!✅

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~ Price List ~

* All prices are in USD
* Full price for each additional character
* All colored illustrations come with a random/simple solid background unless otherwise requested
* New designs, NSFW pieces and complex designs come with a +25% fee

Rough sketch 
Half body$25
Full body$35
Clean sketch 
Half body$50
Full body$60
Flat colors 
Half body$90
Full body$110
Doodle Page$15
250x250 icon$30
Reference sheet$200

Standard Reference Sheet commissions include:

*x1 Lined, "front" facing Fullbody
*1x Color palette
*1x Info section (name, pronouns, species, etc)
*A simple, stock image/pattern background

Additionally, you may choose to include one of the options below
*2x Expressions/Accessories/Detail shots +
*1x Chibi (to show the back view)
*1x Chibi (to show the back view) +
*1x Fullbody with clothing

~ Terms of Service ~

(Check bottom of page for what I will draw)
By commissioning me in any way, you are agreeing to the terms of service below.
Any statements can be modified if discussed with me, the artist, prior to the commission.
I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any or no reason.


Please write, to the best of your ability, in clear English. I may not understand what you want otherwise!Provide neat references, not shaded if possible, or at least with a color palette included.Avoid writing long paragraphs to describe your request. Short and simple phrases work best by allowing me wiggle room to explore your idea creatively!Bad behaviour will not be tolerated and your commission will be canceled if it occurs.

All commissions must be paid 50% upfront. When commissioning me, please include your PayPal email so I can send you an invoice! Once your commission is finished, the rest MUST be paid before you can receive the final file.The currency accepted is USD. If you decide to purchase an item from a wishlist, let me know in advance so I can show you a prioritized selection within your price range.I'm open to discussing payment plans for commissions over $100.A 25% fee can and will be added to pieces at my discretion, based on the complexity of the request. The reasoning will be discussed with you when you receive a quote for the price.

WIP (Work in Progress) updates can be requested at any point! I will often send at least one update per step (initial sketch, clean up, linework).I tend to ask a handful of questions as I start work on a sketch, to make sure we stay on the same page.You can request major changes up until I finish the cleaned up sketch, after which point, I will not alter the general composition of the piece.I will do my best to ensure my customers are happy, but once a commission is finished, only minor changes are allowed to be made, such as small coloring or marking mistakes. Anything more will result in an extra charge.

The initial 50% payment is NOT REFUNDABLE. Unless you demonstrate that you have an immediate financial emergency, I will not return money for any reasons.You may cancel your commission at any point for whatever reason, but you will not receive any sort of finished product.If you file a chargeback, you will be blocked and blacklisted forever. I will share your contact with others to warn them of you as well.

As the artist, I hold every right to the art I produce, with the exception of the characters.

Therefore, I’m allowed to use the copyrighted artwork as I see fit, be that forPromoting myself within any site;Sharing it my colleagues and friends;Or including it in a portfolio;
As the client, you are allowed to;
Use the artwork for personal purposes ONLY. That includes using it as an icon/profile picture, banner, emote, etc.Reproduce the art in the form of decoration for your own home.Use the art to promote yourself with proper credit given to me.
If I find that you have done any copyright infringement, every right you had to the drawing will be retracted.
I will file a DMCA against you, and your contact will be shared in a warning with other artists.

Furry/AnthroFan OCsOfficial charactersClosed and "made up" speciesSimple NSFW (nudity, teasing, sex toys)Mild gore (cuts, bleeding)
FetishesMore extensive goreHuman(oids)Simple robotsArmor
Complicated architectureOver the top mechanicsCars/Motorcycles/Vehicles in generalIllegal bullshit (loli/shota/cub)Triggering themes (hate crimes, abuse, self-harm)

~ Just a lil' something about Yours Truly ~

Hi! So you've wandered into my About section. Boy howdy are you gonna be disappointed, hah.

There's not much to say honestly, my life's pretty boring lol
But if you simply must acquire information on my existence, here's a basic rundown!

. General info .

- Juno
- 20 y.o ( ♓︎ ) || They/them
- Non-binary || Pan/Bi (Taken)
- White latine (Brazil)
- Self taught artist!
- Big dumb furry
- Some form of neurodivergent
- Atheist


. DNI .

I swear, make saucy jokes, get excited about animals and sometimes cry a lot. Despite a shitty brain and trauma, I try to always be a good person to the best of my ability. But there are some things I will never tolerate, and if you fit/believe in any of these categories, I hope your food is always cold and you never get a full night of sleep ❤


. Tools .

- Wacom Intuos medium
- Clip Studio Paint PRO
- Weird Google image searches (for references)
- Probably a pact with some brain demon (for motivation)

. Where to Find Me .

I try my best to be consistent everywhere, so for:
Twitter, Tumblr, Redbubble and Reddit
my username is JunimoPal !

"Special" cases:
- Discord: JunimoPal#9031
- Email: [email protected]
- FurAffinity: JunimoPal (!!May have NSFW art!!)

. Likes/Interests ig? .
(no particular order)

- Minecraft
- How To Train Your Dragon
- Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus
- Stardew Valley
- Slime Rancher
- Psychology
- True Crime